Care of Instrument:

Harps are hired out per year. Please ensure that harp is out of direct sunlight and away from radiators When transporting the harp, ensure all keys are down as harps have a very high tension and this adds to the pressure It is important that the harp is well protected in a cover when it is being carried Every harp has a tuning key please tune harp regularly When putting in a new string, the string may slip out of tune for a while. This is normal and with constant tuning and practice will settle.

Harp Hire:

If required, the Mullingar Harp School has harps available for hire for a small fee. Harps are usually hired to an individual for up to two years. It is recommended that, where possible, harps are brought to lessons. Please Note: It is the responsibility of the individual to sure that hired harps are insured for accidental loss, theft and damage.